About Me

I am a composer and failed former philosopher who loves to think about how music works. On this site you can listen to my music, learn what I think makes music sound good, find links to writing both technical and non, download jazz transcriptions, and check out various pieces of software I have written. My newest CD is called Fools and Angels (Panoramic/New Focus, 2018) and contains four eclectic pieces for vocals, live instruments, and electronics.

Recent Work

I have recently been exploring ways to simplify my geometrical approach, using two-dimensional graphs to represent the main voice-leading possibilities among any chord in any scale. I am working on a second book, Tonality: An Owner's Manual, that uses these circular graphs to analyze modal and tonal music. I am also thinking about how these circular spaces can be helpful to composers.

Other recent work focuses on the interaction between music theory and composition; I am currently developing a number of games, compositional utilities, and electronic instruments, most of which involve geometry in some way.