This is some of my best thinking:

Check out this website of algorithmically generated music. While not as good as real human music, I think these kinds of artificially created musics can help us understand how music works.

I have been creating a bunch of software to illustrate a new and more abstract way theoretical perspective on voice leading; these programs can be found under the "software" tab. Email me with comments and or suggestions.

Dmitri Tymoczko

Just recorded an old piece, Portraits with an all-star cast consisting of So percussion and four amazing jazz musicians, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Ben Monder, Pascal Le Boeuf, and Lisa Hoppe. What an experience!

I have come to think that topology has advantages over geometry as a model of musical structure. Check out this new paper or this web app. This is an exciting new direction, I think.

I have finished my second book, Tonality: An Owner's Manual. Table of contents is posted elsewhere on the site. It should be available in about a year or so. It ended up gigantic, about 600 musical examples and 150,000 words. Now I need to rest!

In summer 2020, I will give the keynote lecture for the British Society for Music analysis in Birmingham.

In early October, I will be giving a keynote lecture in Belgrade as part of their "music and spatiality" conference.

At long last my fourth CD Fools and Angels is available. This is the product of many years' labor, and I am both proud and exhausted.

I have released the source code for my musical instrument/video game Beacons here. Give it a try!

The wonderful all-male Renaissance vocal group Gallicantus has released its CD Sibylla to excellent reviews. The disc features recordings of Lassus's Prophetiae Sibyllarum as well as a response to the piece form me and poet Jeff Dolven. Eliot Cole also has a beautiful piece on the CD.

The amazing Rudresh Mahanthappa and I are trying out our piece, Beacons, at Princeton on April 10 at Taplin auditorium. This is an improvisational piece for alto saxophone and geometrical laptop instrument. We are going to make a movie of it in May.

Nice review of Rube Goldberg Variations in Limelight magazine.

Older news has been archived, many exciting things coming soon!