Program notes

Prologue is a notated improvisation. The players go their own way, rhythmically, but move in parallel through a series of harmonic fields. The goal was to imagine a situation in which improvising musicians could communicate harmonic shifts telepathically.

Figures is relatively straightforward movement features repetitive figures and ostinatos, which break down and gradually reconstitute themselves. It should sound sprightly and energetic.

The melody of the final movement, Song, passes from viola to piccolo. The viola emerges from a haze of noise and special effects, playing a chromatic and impassioned melody. The piccolo answers diatonically, with what could be a slowed-down version of a popular tune. Throughout, the accompaniment burbles and surges, but never overwhelms the main melody.

Instrumentation: Flute, Viola, Harp

Performers: The Janus Trio