Four Dreams

Program notes

Four Dreams attempts to capture the texture of the dreamworld—a place of bizarre occurrences,incoherent thoughts, and unacknowledged anxieties. In my attempt to portray this world realistically, I have narrated, more or less without editing, the content of several dreams. It should be emphasized that these dreams do not reflect my waking beliefs, feelings, or vocabulary. In fact, I have often been surprised by the content of my sleeping thoughts.

The first dream is completely and solely a dream. The second is a dream that is also a memory. The fourth dream was once a prediction. The third dream is an imagination, a dream of unmediated meaning, the science of the future or maybe a philosophical fantasy. The text here is written and narrated by my friend Christian Bök (pronounced “book”), language poet extraordinaire, vowel virtuoso, rhapsode, and author of Eunoia. (I am the narrator in the other three dreams.)

Instrumentation: Sax, Piano, Percussion, Electronics

Performers: The Collide Trio